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Ayubowan “the traditional way of greeting in Sri Lanka, means “You May Live Long“.

The island has been known by a variety of names, a list which is as varied as its historical influences. More than 2000 years ago the famous Indian epic "Ramayana" told of misdeeds of the wicked king of Lanka. The Dravids called the isle Ilankai; to the old Greeks and the Romans it was known as Taprobane; the Arabic merchants called it Serendib; the Portuguese Ceiloa; the Dutch changed the name into Ceylan, and the British to Ceylon. The Republic of Sri Lanka was born in 1972, the prefix "Sri" is Sanskrit in origin and means resplendent.

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About 500km from the southern tips of India , shining like pearls, scattered across the Indian Ocean , the famous Robinson Crusoe Islands. Independent since 1965 from the British, became a Republic in 1968. The Maldives comprises of about 1190 islands grouped into atolls with coral reefs protecting the amoeba shaped shiny islands. Coconut palms spread around the small islands with white sandy beaches ringed around the island. Deep blue sea engulfing the shallow, crystal clear water with the most beautiful coral reefs, the realms of the underwater world in it, is breathtaking.

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